The Lord is my God
It is written
Your promises are yes and amen
Yet with every month of Your unfulfilled promise
My heart grew discouraged
I became saddened with disappointment
The desire of my heart was so unfulfilled
So I turned to an old god 
Bowed down to a food god
Seeking comfort in my time of disbelief
I lost control of my flesh
And I remember crying out to the living God 
Lord what is going on with me 
Why do I feel so low?
Why do I feel out of control?
But deliverance came like a wave crashing into a shore
Repentance flowed like a river,
Light entered and the darkness faded
There I locked eyes with the One who ransomed me
The one who gave me joy from mourning 
The source of the air that escapes my lungs
I had completely surrendered my will
I began to worship the God who years ago
Overwhelmed me with His love
Years ago 
Took me out of darkness and placed hope in my hands
I will look at my son and remember
God's promises are yes and amen
According to His timing and not mine
I bless the Lord
Because He is my God