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My name is Priscilla Marcia. I am a wife, a mom, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a teacher; a woman of many hats. My desire is to share my honest experiences about motherhood.  On this page you will find stories, poems, wisdom, and mom hacks. 

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The Lord is My God

It is written

Your promises are yes and amen

Yet with every month of Your unfulfilled promise

My heart grew discouraged

I became saddened with disappointment

Oh the desire of my heart was so unfulfilled

So I turned to an old god 

Bowed down to a food god

Seeking comfort in my time of disbelief

I lost control of my flesh

And I remember crying out to the living God 

Lord what is going on with me 

Why do I feel so low?

Why do I feel out of control?

Then a whisper came


Depression had entered my life as subtle 

As the sun rises

But deliverance came like a wave crashing into a shore

Repentance flowed like a river,

Light entered and the darkness faded

There I locked eyes with the One who ransomed me 

The one who gave me joy from mourning 

The source of the air that escapes my lungs


I had completely surrendered my will 

I began to worship the God 

who years ago 

Overwhelmed me with His love

Years ago 

Took me out of darkness 

and placed hope in my hands

I bless my son 

Because I will look at him and remember

God's promises are yes and amen

According to His timing and not mine

I bless the Lord

Because He is my God

About this poem

My oldest son was three years old when my husband and I decided we wanted to have another child. I longed for another child like a deer desires water. It took almost two years before I became pregnant with my second son. This poem paints a picture of the journey leading up to me finally hearing the heartbeat I longed for in my womb.  My youngest son‘s name means the Lord is my God in Hebrew.