The technology tornado

The technology tornado

Back in the day…. 1980 something, the decade I was apart of, we had one house phone that was attached to the wall, one answering machine, and a typewriter; before we finally got our first computer!  One would say a simpler and slower time.

Fast forward to now, 2017.  Holy cannoli!!! The amount of things and objects we have all become slaves to.  Instead of actually getting together and talking face to face with our friends and family we have all got our noses glued to our devices!  I am not  perfect, and I too am working on finding a balance between responding to people through things and spending quality face to face time with them.  Of course all these different ways to communicate makes it a lot easier, and perhaps makes us a tad bit more lazy then actually getting ready to go out.  Especially if you are a mom!  Lord knows that is a feat sometimes.


Keeping up with all the funnels

Do you ever feel like it’s impossible to really keep up with everybody on all these social media outlets?  People have their own daily tasks and jobs to get to anyways, then to add to our list are all these wonderful outlets/distractions:

  1. phone call
  2. text messages
  3. emails
  4. pinterest
  5. skype
  6. linkedIN
  7. nextdoor
  8. blogs
  9. face time
  10. facebook
  11. instagram
  12. twitter
  13. youtube
  14. snap chat
  15. computers
  16. podcasts

I am sure I have not hit on ALL of them, but so far these are the ones I am aware of right now.  Look at this list!  We went from ONE rotary phone attached to the walls to this massive technology tornado that basically all just funnels into each other.  100% amazing and grateful for all these, and 100% blown away by how many people I notice on their phones when they are with their friends and family sitting right next to them.  Sometimes people are so shocked when you call them (it has become that outdated) Like you caught them off guard if you are lucky enough that they decide to answer. 😉

****Please do not miss out on special precious moments with your friends, family, and kids because you are too busy watching other people live their lives online.  Most of which may be staged to make you think they have the perfect family or life!!  YOUR life is happening NOW and right in front of you.  Take a look around and see!

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