The Social Media Pressures

The Social Media Pressures

Tis the season for holiday cheer, time with friends and family, amazing home-cooked food, holiday music, photo ops, selfies, parties, shopping, and just all the hustle bustle that comes in the next 2-3 months!!  This time of year really was my favorite!!!  It was magical and slow and fun!!!  Nowwwww, most of the responsibility lands on my shoulders as a wife and mama 😉  Nowwwww, it’s my turn to make the holidays memorable, cheerful, fun, and exciting for my little brood!!

Pinterest Worthy

I love how Pinterest does inspire such adorable ideas on every level.  No doubt about that.  I use it for a lot of inspiration.  It is just SO easy to feel less than, or not worthy enough if you can’t have your final project or home be a masterpiece.  There are entire pages about all the “Pinterest fails”  out there and they are funny, but at the same time discouraging if it doesn’t work.  The reality is we just get to see a small glimpse of peoples lives and usually don’t see the mess around them.

I recently went to an amazing women’s conference with my friends and finally got to have a mom’s night out in the city.  I have no idea what it is about visiting the city, but I completely felt like I was back in my 20’s, foot loose and fancy free!!!  A huge weight was off my shoulders!  I absolutely miss that feeling!!  Anyways, during this conference- The Mess and Moxie tour with Jen Hatmaker and Nichole Nordeman with Shauna Niequist making a surprise appearance at the end, talked about going through their trials and struggles and how they overcame these horrendous and difficult obstacles.  It was very inspiring and refreshing to hear other women’s perspectives and where to find that strength to pull through!!  My favorite quote that Shauna shared was this, “The heart of hospitality is when people leave your home they should feel better about themselves, not better about you.”  In other words, all the stress we put on ourselves and the performance of getting our home “Pinterest Perfect” before inviting friends over means nothing.  The point of being hospitable is putting the other first and making sure they know they have been heard, loved, and cared for.  It could mean serving just chips and dip, nothing fancy about it.  I share this with you now because the holidays ARE around the corner and with that comes un-needed pressure to have everything perfect!  If going all out and putting together a beautiful holiday experience is what you love and that is your gift, then of course be YOU and share that gift.  I am not knocking anybody that chooses to do this, I just want to remind everyone the reason for the season is to slow down, enjoy your friends and family, let go of the ridiculous Pinterest and social media pressures and breathe!! 


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10 thoughts on “The Social Media Pressures”

  1. That quote is so good – when people leave your home that they should feel better about themselves rather than better about you! Such a challenging and good reminder as we enter into a big season of parties and get togethers!

  2. So many of us try to mimic the Pinterest moms and just go way overboard, causing unnecessary stress to ourselves. Just enjoy the holiday on your own terms and not worry about outdoing another!

    1. LeeAnn 100%, Thank you so much for reading! It’s so easy to get wrapped up into “keeping up with the Joneses” We need to enjoy this season =D

  3. Let people feel better about themselves and not about you when they leave your home. A lovely quote you shared. Sometimes we just have to shut out to truly share with those we love.

  4. This is why I resisted Pinterest for so long. We all feel the pressure to do everything like the photos on Instagram and Pinterest, but you know what, we’re human! Our houses are messy and our hair isn’t done and our kids are wearing mismatched socks.

    -Mama from Mama Writes Reviews

  5. Hey Cathi, good, honest post. Yeah, social media pressure is a hard thing. I avoided Pinterest for years, (kinda still do 😂), because I just couldn’t deal with the pressure to have my home and homeschooling look a certain way. It is definitely harder during the Holidays but I try to focus on the blessings and be content.

    1. Sheri!! =D You are so sweet! Thank you so much for reading it! I know you are a busy mama!! All the social media outlets are hard to avoid. I feel like we will eventually cave into them at one point or another for various reasons! 100% agree with you, we need to learn to be content with what God has blessed us with! 😉

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