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YES!!! Your day has finally arrived!!!  Congratulations, your beautiful baby is ready to take on the porcelain thrown.  Obviously, we are thrilled at the fact we can finally save all our hard earned mooooooolah.  At the same time you know you are basically in mom or parent jail at home until you are brave enough to trust your little angel in public.  I have heard of so many ways to accomplish potty training:

3 days, 1 day, 7 days

Put them on the potty at a certain age

Bribe only with candy, salty snacks, and sugary drinks

Do a sticker chart

Camp out in the bathroom ALL DAY with toys, books, games, ipads!!!

Have them run around in the buff

Throw all diapers out the window

Buy cartoon character undies

Take them to a potty class with their peers


And that list above, is barely skimming the surface of the millions of books out there to help parents tackle this glamorous task!


My experience.

I was absolutely a nervous wreck and scared! Especially after all the things I read or heard from friends and family that have gone before me.  That is probably the reason I waited as long as I did with my son (He was two month away from turning the magically age of 3! I also was told age 3 was easier for boys, girls could grasp it way better at age 2- 2/12).

Since I did not want to be stuck at home forever and had all these fun places to take my son, I tried to potty train him in 3 days, also on the weekend when my husband was home for backup.  Mind you this was winter time too so he could not run free in the buff outside.  Also, I was due with our second baby boy in two months, so I was highly motivated to only have one child in diapers at a time if I could.

We put our potty training seat in the bathroom and in the kitchen area where there was tile, just in case. We tried to corral him and keep him on the tile for as long as we could. We had his favorites T.V. shows on, he also had watched a TON of potty training videos for a few months prior.  We had our sticker chart and candy stash ready to go.  I was feeling very good at this point. (it was only day 1) We had him in undies with pants and shirt on, no diapers, just relaxing at home.

I will spare you ALL the details and try to hit the highlights, otherwise this would turn into another potty training book! Of course he had accidents, sometimes he made it, others not so lucky.  I was trying to follow the potty training in 3 days book as well.  Needless to say THAT method and strategies were not a hit at our house unfortunately.  I was mad, I cried, and I was feeling defeated thinking how can this be THAT difficult! I decided to take about 2 weeks off and give our family and more importantly my son a break.

After 2 weeks, I accidentally stumbled (or should I say it was an answer to prayers)  onto the most amazing and glorious book and YouTube videos I have ever laid eyes on!!! The book had the most perfect title ever and I wanted to give this woman a huge hug and a case of her favorite wine!!! Her book was called: Oh Crap! Potty Training by Jamie GlowackiHer methods were a breath of fresh air and she was a lot more laid back then the 3 days rules.  The peoples testimonies after using her book were outstanding and extremely positive!!!  I did not use/need all her tips, but I am happy to say the majority of her tips were very helpful and a huge burden off my sons and my shoulders.  100% recommend this for any parent going through or approaching this huge milestone.

So back to square one.  Remember, this was winter so we were stuck inside.  After reading her book, I left the potty seat out again on the tile, had my sons favorite shows on, had games out, candy, and stickers.  I cranked up our heat to about 85 degrees and had my son hang out bottomless (no undies or pull-ups)  with the seat near him.  I went about my day and put all the responsibility on him to get to the seat on time and if he missed he cleaned it up.  I was cleaning up after breakfast, and could not believe my eyes when I saw him walk over to the seat and sit down and scored!!!! I was the happiest mama on the block that day!!!! We continued on like this for a few days then added undies, then undies and pants until he got the hang of it!  Yes, he did have some accidents, but not as many as he did before.  It took him 6 full days of being at home before I felt comfortable enough to leave.



We finally went out in public to the Library and it was a great success!! Of course still being a first time mom to a potty trained 3 year old I had to avoid all those disgusting public germs! I bought the Graco travel portable seats to go on top.  I mean they are so cute and small enough for your purse/bag.


TIPS that worked for us when leaving the house.  Hopefully you will find these useful.

  1. Use those foldable portable seats for public restrooms
  2. Have them wear their cotton undies then a pull-up OVER the undies (this eliminated car seat messes and also still teaching potty training, but told my son that it was not a pull-up, they were underwear covers just in case we were out and he could not make it on time.  The goal ALWAYS was to keep the pull-up DRY)
  3. Last but not least, and certainly my favorite.  I have a portable child potty seat with a cover in the back of my mini van.  ( I know, genius) hahaha.  I also keep a roll of toilet paper, wipes, sanitizer for hands, plastic bags for #2 and a large jug of water to use to wash away the mess so my car doesn't stink!!! ( on more then one occasion, we have been places without a port-a-potty and it has come in so handy.  My friends have also needed it too and I was happy to help them and their kiddos.


Good luck and stay Calm!!! 😉


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12 thoughts on “Mobile Potty Training”

  1. Thank you for sharing your experience and tips! 🙂 As a mom to a little man that just turned 2, potty training is weighing heavily on my mind these days!

    1. Potty training is so daunting!!! I really hope these tips help you and your little man out, and save your sanity! Best of Luck!! =D

  2. The mobile potty is genius! It’s a genuine “port-a-potty”. My husband wants to start potty training our LO at 18 months buuuut I’m ok with waiting until she’s a little bit older, I don’t like being confined inside and we are heading into winter so it will be too cold for her to run around in the buff. I’m going to take a peak at that book and check out its tips. Thanks!

    1. Hi Suz, Thank you for stopping by to take the time out and read this post. I can’t even begin to tell you HOW helpful having our personal potty seat for my son has been! It has been my life saver! I hope this little article helps you as you embark on this new huge milestone! It is SO hard to decide when the “perfect” time to begin potty training, especially when us parents would like to save that diaper mooolah 😉 Best of Luck!

  3. Great post! All kids are so different when it comes to potty training so any tips are always useful, because eventually something will click for your own child. I love this port a potty like idea. I am on potty training number four and he is our only boy so this could get interesting…lol

    1. Hi Maranda, Thanks for reading! I am so glad that you are still able to find some useful tips even though you have been through this 3 times already! Boys are for sure different during potty training, but I would just recommend also teaching him to sit and do his business as long as you can 😉

  4. I had started to train my son when he was 2 and it was going great until he used an auto toilet… that auto flush scared him so much that I decided to wait until he was 3.

  5. Thank you for the helpful tips! Our little one just turned 2 and she doesn’t seem interested yet, so not rushing it. I thought it was the most precious thing when I saw a family out and about at the fair & then out of nowhere, they wiped out a portable potty and the little one was just sitting in the expo center in a corner using his potty!! Too funny!

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