Mom Shaming!


Mom Shaming

With ALL the things us moms need to do on a daily basis, how the heck does anybody have time for mom shaming?  Since becoming a mom 4 1/2 years ago, I had NO idea this existed!  I thought a lot of moms wanted to help and encourage one another.  Solidarity sister, I help you, you help me, we will get through this together, etc…..  I am a self proclaimed optimistic, probably my first issue!  Everyone has and is entitled to their opinions, but maybe they can voice it in a nicer more mature fashion.  New moms, like myself, are bombarded multiple times a day with “the right way” to do things.  After hearing or reading what “you should” be doing with your kids, it’s enough to make you feel inadequate.

The List

This is probably not even close to touching on most of the hot button topics, but let me just give you a little taste of what I have come in contact with:

  1. Attachment parenting
  2. Baby wearing
  3. Cloth diapering vs. disposable
  4. Vaccinations vs. non-vaccinations
  5. Co-sleeping
  6. Working mom vs. stay at home mom
  7. Crunchy mom vs. Silky mom
  8. Homeschooling vs. private or public school
  9. Breast feeding vs. formula
  10. Nursing in public vs. Privately
  11. When/how to potty train- diapers or underwear

So which do you choose?

This may be the best part!!! You choose whatever YOU know will work for your family!  DON’T let other people bully you and force you to do things you know in your mama gut won’t work for your kids.  DON’T let them guilt you into “their way was better because….” NOBODY, not even professional doctors have all the answers, because every child is different and responds differently.  TRUST yourself and stay confident that YOU know your child best and what they need.  Stand up for yourself if you are feeling put under pressure, especially by family.

In the beginning of my parenting, which was not that long ago, Everyone had and still has an opinion on what I should be doing with my kids.  I doubted my own abilities and tried their suggestions, some worked and some didn’t.  I had moments where I cried for days because I was trying to do what others had told me and it still wasn’t working.  At what expense was I willing to let others “control” what and how I should be doing things?  I just kept doing more research on different things and was able to come up with the BEST solution that worked for us.  I began to stand up for myself.  I became more confident over time once I found a schedule and flow that worked for us! I could finally breath a sense of relief!!  I felt like I gained MOM FREEDOM!


Stay strong & stay confident.  You know your child better then anybody else!












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6 thoughts on “Mom Shaming!”

  1. So much shaming these days! My motto “Do what makes you happy”.:) Also only take advice from close friends who are non judgmental and want the best for you.

    1. Hey Amy! Thank you for reading!! 😉 LOL I know all these new “mom” terms, so crazy! My understanding of “silky moms” is they are more laid back and not too strict with their parenting. Agreed though, I thought I was free from all this cattiness! Hope you have enjoyed this blog so far!

  2. Okay, that’s a new one for me, Cathi! I had never heard of “silky” Mom. Yes, have had my share of Mom shaming over the years and may have even been guilty of it myself. Thanks for the reminder.

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